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September 2017

Mehdi & Val - Season 1 The summer of 2017 is coming to an end and it's been a very busy season. Starting back in May, Jon started working on season 1 of Radio-Canada's "Mehdi & Val" as the show's boom operator. The show was filmed over 4 months in Sarsfield, Ontario and is produced by Slalom Productions and directed by Martin Cadotte.

FQDR9893 Andre De Grasse Jon also had the privilege of recording sound for multiple projects this summer, including a video for IPF Canada that featured Andre De Grasse and his track and field teammates from the 2016 summer olympics in Brazil.

June 2017

Ottawa Fire Ottawa Fire

The Nature of Things with David Suzuki came to Ottawa this month to film the Ottawa Fire Training symposium. Jon was on location recording sound as the instructors demonstrated a series of controlled fires and how to properly extinguish them.

May 2017

The 2017 Juno Awards It's been a busy couple of months in Ottawa with lots of large productions coming to town. Jon was recording sound at multiple events across the city during the week of the 2017 Juno Awards. Some highlights were interviewing bands at the Canadian Tire Centre before their sound check, and skating on the ice with Juno nominees and NHL players at the Juno Cup. Another great event was for the MusiCounts Band Aid Program, where $10,000 in musical instruments was awarded to St. Elizabeth school, and the crowd was treated to a performance by Juno winner Ruth B.

The Amazing Race Another fun project was filming the winners of The Amazing Race Canada, Steph and Kristen, while they interviewed the top 10 teams who submitted audition tapes for the race. Steph and Kristen joined the teams for some fun activities across town like rock climbing and pole dancing.

January 2017

IMG_1089-1 Over the last couple of months, Jon has been recording sound on a TV series called "À Nous Le Monde" which is produced by Léa Pascal Productions. The show follows the journey of 10 young adults from all walks of life, overcoming personal challenges and making a difference.

This past fall the show went up to La Tuque in Northern Quebec to interview a young aboriginal woman and her family in a Wemotaci community. The show has also travelled around Montreal to showcase the lives of 2 extraordinary young women: one excelling through medical school, and the other overcoming the difficulties associated with being a Muslim woman in today's society. The crew also travelled to Sudbury to film a young man from Africa, and witnessed him stepping out of his comfort zone by interviewing strangers at a ski mountain and discussing serious topics affecting youth today.


September 2016

Le Choc Des Bolides We are winding down after a very busy summer! We started off by mixing a show called "Les Belles Du Vent", which showcases female kite surfers across Québec and will be aired on Canal D later this year. Next up we did some shoots for the History Channel Canada on a show called "War Story". This series interviews veterans from numerous conflicts throughout our history, and tells their story from the war to present day.

Le Choc Des Bolides Travelling across Ontario, Jon recorded sound for a show produced by Balestra Productions called "Les Jumelles". The show is similar to the Amazing Race where teams race across the city to find clues and compete to cross the finish line first. The show was a lot of fun despite the extreme heat this summer, and the cast and crew were incredible! Finally, we had a lot of fun recording sound for a show about demolition derbies called "Le Choc des Bolides". It was amazing getting close to the action seeing cars and trucks smash into each other, and hearing the roar of the crowd cheering them on. This show is produced by Léa Pascal Productions and we are set to mix the 6 episodes for Canal D early 2017.

May 2016

Toi et Moi - Season 3, TFO Toi et Moi - Season 3, TFO Over the last 2 months, Jon has been working on "Toi et Moi" as the show's boom operator. Once again, Jon had the privilege of working with Slalom Productions and the amazing cast and crew of "Toi et Moi". The show was filmed all over Ottawa, Ontario and is set to air on ICI Radio Canada sometime later this year.

We also had a great time collaborating with a new client from Los Angeles, composing music for their online video series "Patient Talk". The Patient Talk website showcases interviews with real people sharing practical, physical and emotional issues they faced when dealing with a life changing medical diagnosis. Jon composed 6 full length tracks of orchestral music that will be showcased in their back pain video series.

March 2016

_MG_3237b Motel Monstre just had it's picture wrap after 6 seasons on TFO. Jon was privileged to be a part of this amazing crew for the last 2 seasons as the show's boom operator. Produced by Slalom Productions and directed by Martin Cadotte, this amazing group of cast and crew will surely be missed!

IMG_0589 The Ottawa Hospital hired Jon to record sound on location for a series of videos they are creating for their eLearning program. Filmed at the uOttawa Skills & Simulation Centre, these training videos will be used to demonstrate proper technique when de-escalating stressful or potentially dangerous situations.

November 2015

Motel Monstre, Productions Slalom, TFO In November, we started filming season 6 of Motel Monstre for Slalom Productions. Jon was on set once again working in the sound department as the show's boom operator. Mixed by Simon Paine and directed by Martin Cadotte. The 6th and final season is set to air on TFO sometime in 2016.

Don Cherry's Rock'em Sock'em 27 We wrapped up the year with another installment of Don Cherry's Rock'em Sock'em. For the 27th edition, we once again composed all of the background music tracks and created the final mix in post production. Produced for TPC Productions by the amazing team over at Blomeley Communications.

January 2015

Motel Monstre, TFO It's been a busy few months working on some really great projects! First off, we wrapped up production on Don Cherry's Rock'em Sock'em 26. Once again we had the extreme privilege of composing all of the background music for the show as well as mixing the sound in post production. Next up was going back out on location to work on season 5 of TFO's "Motel Monstre".

Motel Monstre, TFO Over the next 3 months, Jon will be working on the show as the boom operator alongside sound mixer Simon Paine. The show has just come off a very successful 4th season, winning several awards along the way. Directed by Martin Cadotte and Produced by Slalom Productions, we're thrilled to be involved in this great franchise and look forward to working with this amazing cast and crew!

October 2014

Location audio, booming Over the last 6 weeks, Jon has been working as the boom op for CBC's "Toi et Moi". This is season 2 of a great Canadian show produced by Slalom Productions for Radio Canada. The show was filmed all across Ottawa including areas of the Glebe, Byward Market and the National Gallery of Canada.

Location audio, booming

The show had many challenges including scenes with up to 20 actors & extras, sometimes filming in tight locations with multiple cameras and a full crew. Some scenes called for Jon to boom on top of ladders, balconies, lofts and spiral staircases...anything to capture the best audio possible. Despite the difficult scenes and schedule, everyday on the job was incredible and the crew was amazing. Being the boom op for Toi et Moi was an experience of a lifetime and we can't wait to work on more great gigs like this in the future.