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Jon Lebrun

Audio Engineer / Composer / Owner

Jon Profile 2017 Starting his career in the music industry, Jon soon found his passion in the world of audio post production and location sound. He spent the next 7 years learning from some of the industry's leading sound engineers, working at a variety of studios and broadcasters including CTV and TSN.

After 10 years in the business, Jon decided to venture out and create his own company, and in 2009 Brown Sound Audio was born. He set out to start a business that offered a variety of services in audio production. Operating a company with a small overhead, Jon was able to provide his clients with exceptional service, delivering a final product at an affordable cost, without compromising quality.

In early 2010, he expanded his company and began collaborating with some of Ottawa’s top audio engineers and composers. Together, Jon and his team would go on to work on some major Warner productions created for the NHL and multiple projects in animation and multimedia. Starting off by recording sound on location, then ending with a final mix in post production, Jon has the ability to be involved in a project from start to finish.


Bruce Valeriani

Audio Engineer

Bruce ValerianiBruce has amassed a wealth of digital technology and media production experience from years in the Information Technology sector, while at the same time, setting-up a project studio for his personal use. He then began honing his recording skills by producing recordings for himself and clients on an informal basis throughout the 80's and 90's.

In November 1999, he started Blue Bear Sound - a fully-equipped, professional recording facility providing full-service audio/video/multimedia production. In mid-2003, Bruce expanded the Blue Bear Sound facilities with a studio design by respected Australian studio designer - John-Sayers - the result of which was a facility considered to be one of Canada's foremost state-of-the-art independent recording studios, with clients all across North America and Europe.

A member of the Audio Engineering Society, Valeriani has since produced and recorded hundreds of artists and is on his way towards well-deserved industry recognition as one of Canada's most gifted mix engineers.


Butch Gerald

Multi-instrumentalist / Producer / Writer-Composer / Engineer

ButchHe has worked as a producer/performer/engineer for such signed acts as Everlea and Sal's Birdland (aka Artificial Joy Club) and over a hundred indie bands throughout the span of his 25 year career.

Butch has dedicated the last decade recording, writing, producing and performing each instrument on his several key projects (Zara, Tones For Twilight, Traverton and The Woundup) along many other side projects.

Most recently, his credits as a writer/producer are attributed to Warner's official 100 years of Montreal Canadians box set. Additionally, he recorded, wrote and produced all of the rock segments for Don Cherry's 23rd volume of Rock’em Sock’em.

As a musician, Butch and his various bands have opened for such acts as Ian Thornley, Edwin, Randy Bachman, Matthew Good Band and Econoline Crush among many others. He's currently recording and mixing with award winning engineer Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Big Wreck, Cancer Bats...) and continues to perform with his related acts.


Dan Sidoli

Singer / Songwriter / Voice Actor

Dan 2Dan is the voice behind many of the radio spots you hear in Ottawa and around Ontario stretching out to the East coast. He has done hundreds of recordings for jingles, voice-overs and post-audio work on documentaries, TV commercials, corporate video, museum installations and theatrical releases. Clients range from car dealers, to construction companies to mortgage brokers… in varied musical styles.

With over a decade of experience on both sides of the glass, (as talent and as post-audio and video editor), Dan strives to achieve the client’s vision (aural hallucination?) every time.